Dormitories are available on campus. International students usually stay in two-rooms apartments with shared bathroom (kitchen is not available in the apartment. Students, however, have access to a kitchen in each floor). 

In case the applicant would like to have accommodation at the dormitory, request should be directly submitted to popradska76@upjs.sk, or contact with Ms. Dagmar Simkaninova (dagmar.simkaninova@upjs.sk), or with Ms. Beata Boksova (beata.boksova@upjs.sk).

The room rates are as follows: 

  • There are apartments with two rooms with a shared bathroom.
  • In case there is only one person in each room , the person pays 186 Euro for the whole room (the bathroom is share with another student).
  • There are rooms with 3 beds , where students pay 87 Euro/bed/month.
  • In case there are only 2 students in each room, the rate is 130.5 Euro/month/person.
  • In case 1 student rents the whole apartment alone the rate is 261 Euros/month.

Renting an apartment in town is also an opportunity. Approximate cost of a one bedroom flat is about. 160 EUR plus utility. A three-rooms flat in the center costs about 260 EUR plus utility. Students usually share such flats. 

The International Office of the Faculty may help you to identify apartments for rent. 

First year students are encouraged to move to the dormitory at the beginning, they can then look for other housing opportunities during the first few weeks.