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Why Kosice

Welcome to Faculty of Medicine, UPJS

Kosice, Slovakia

The modern complex of the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital are located in the same place creating an integrated system. Theoretical departments are providing solid academic background for our students, while the clinical aspects are emphasized in the modern University Hospital. Students have an outstanding opportunity to work with patients under the supervision of highly qualified academic staff. The University Hospital has 1,107 beds and admit about 28,000 patients annually. The number of outpatients is little over 300,000

Why Kosice


Deadlines for the Budapest entrance exams:

  • for the April 20 exam the deadline is April 13, 2020
  • for the May 12 exam the deadline is May 05, 2020

Deadlines for the Kosice entrance exams:

  • for the June 17 exam the deadline is May 22, 2020
  • for the August 17 exam the deadline is July 22, 2020

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